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Must Love Jaws (comedy-drama)

CREATED BY: Mike Dow & Ari Eisner (Smacky Productions)

Stephen Spielberg’s classic horror becomes a family movie similar to Free Willy. The title is a parody of the romantic comedy Must Love Dogs.

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27 Responses to “Must Love Jaws (comedy-drama)”

  1. fearlesswanderer Says:

    A little corny but well edited. Not too believable as a comdey when a man gets chomped on…

  2. 84tigers Says:

    I love the scene where Roy is laughing cause the jerk gets eaten.awesome!

  3. Cosmonaut-Zero Says:

    One of the best.

  4. Kavijavic Says:

    Really good. Still makes me laugh. Especially at when the “you’re beautiful” song is cued in.

  5. Chris Says:

    Dude…this one was stinkin’ funny! Yeah…I laughed when Brody was laughing at Quint gettin eaten….good stuff.

  6. Adam Says:

    I too believe I can fly. Just like Bruce.

  7. Allan Says:

    Man, I cannot stop laughing. I Believe I Can Fly was a great choice.

  8. CT Says:

    WTF? wow, man, that was deep

  9. Arthur Says:

    Too…weird for me.

  10. name Says:

    Too bad that Actor actually died when “Jaws” chomped down

  11. farhood Says:

    This is very good trailer

  12. max and henry Says:

    max says: tht was soo funny but if u dident have the bit when the guys gets eaten it would be better

    henry says:its so flippin funny we cant stop watching it “i belive i can fly”

  13. Harry's Hat Says:

    LOL that was great. Thanks to the makers for giving me a rare laugh on the internet :)

  14. bex beer Says:


  15. Chris Says:

    name: are you talking about Robert Shaw? Because if you are he didn’t die in Jaws (1975), he died in 1978 (heartattack during another film)

  16. Skizo Says:

    Help me! I can’t stop laughing.

  17. wammy Says:

    this is brilliant. this along with scary mary are two incredible mashes. props to u guys.

  18. heidielisaa Says:

    Oooooh. That is good. well thought out. dark. hialrious!

  19. Tomius J. Says:

    Funniest thing ever! I was cracking up when Brody laughed at Quint getting eaten. Well edited, amazing!

  20. Richard Nockles Says:

    Genius! Well done guys that was excellent!

  21. fevecvzial Says:

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  22. fyjyumynm Says:

    wow… This is yet another on of your master pieces. Even though i saw what i hate about the ten commandments first ,where it mentions it,this must of come before.(it)

  23. Adorn Says:

    Really love the beginning and the use of Cry Little Sister. That’s about it though

  24. Allronix Says:

    The author of Jaws has remarked that if he were to rewrite the story today, he would cast the shark as a victim of man’s encroachment. Looks like your trailer went the same way.

  25. Caroline Says:

    This ones amazing! really clever! Great use of backing music! I loved it!

  26. Ryman L. Says:

    It was all right. You still spoiled the end where one of the main characters gets eaten. I like the editing and narration but still work on it.

  27. CSCS Test Says:

    This is very good trailer !!!

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