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Kill Christ (parody)

CREATED BY: Spencer Somers (NYU)
PARODY OF: Kill Bill: Vol. 1
MOVIES USED: The Passion of The Christ

This clip debuted in December 2003 and is one of the earliest known recut trailers. By using footage from The Passion of the Christ, a new trailer was recut in the exact style of the Kill Bill: Vol. 1 trailer, using the same music and similar text. The trailer was put on Somers’ NYU homepage and within a few weeks had become somewhat of an internet phenomenon. However, Icon Pictures, Mel Gibson’s production company, threatened to sue NYU if it wasn’t taken down, so NYU complied. The trailer has since relocated to Full report on the whole fiasco here.

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9 Responses to “Kill Christ (parody)”

  1. Thomas Says:

    I’m not one for censoring, but he could have avoided the whole trouble, I guess, by not implying the source material to be antisemitic. Since this is the whole point of the clip, however (besides being tasteless), it is absolutely superfluous, yes.

    Regardless of what Gibson has said or done in-between, you won’t find anything antisemitic in “Passion”. This clips “author” knew this best, for he took Romans to make his point of alleged antisemitism. If someone is portrayed as insane, hateful and bad in the original film, it’s the Romans.

    Did they shout and get enraged? No. Wonder why…

  2. Kavijavic Says:

    There was nothing anti semitic in that whole film. It was jewish elders that sentenced christ to death, not romans. Romans carried out the execution by order. In fact, pontius pilote saw no evil in jesus, but the elders rabble roused until christ was on his cross to die.

    If anything, it shows the jews hating christ and his beliefs. end of story.

  3. Allan Says:

    Not good.

  4. Paul Says:

    Or we could stop holding a grudge for two thousand years…What, did they do something truly grudgeworthy like borrow someone’s lawnmower and forget to give it back? No, some people, two thousand years ago, killed someone for political expediency. We’ve been doing that to each other since we first learned to lie. Whether you believe that he’s the son of God or not is irrelevant. Two thousand years is a long time to hold a grudge against an entire race on the basis of their alleged ancestral crimes. He’s dead, everyone involved is dead, everyone involved’s great great great great grandchildren are dead. Let’s move on, we’re missing all the current slaughter that we’re all taking a hand in.

  5. veronica Says:

    This trailer is awful, is this supposed to be entertainment? It is absolutely tasteless. Moreover, who cares if the killers of Christ were romans, jews or polish…it doesn’t make any difference whatsoever. I really don’t see the point.

  6. Jay Says:

    the point is, what is so ingenious about this mash-up. it is just the trailer from the passion of the christ with the kill bill theme played over it. anyone can do that

  7. Mr Groove Says:

    I haven’t seen Passion of the Christ but, from what I’ve heard from people who have seen it, that trailer seems to me a true representation of the spirit of the film.

    The whole genius of it is that it does only change the music, if you set aside the end titles, and, lets be honest about it, putting in the “Jews Will Kill Christ” bit was probably ill-advised, particularly given all the furore over the film’s alleged antisemitism, what you’ve got here comes across to me as a satirical criticism of the film.

    A film that, at its fundamental level, is just about watching a man get tortured then executed for however grotesquely long it is, in Latin and Aramaic. Is that supposed to be entertainment?

    Another subtlety in that trailer is the alignment of the two directors in question. Its fairly obvious to me that, in terms of their film making, Mel Gibson is probably just as obsessed with gore and violence as Quentin Tarantino.

  8. Maggie Says:

    Despite the protests about this trailer mashup, Somers did not actually film any of the video shown in this clip. The only thing edited was the titles between scenes of the trailer. If anyone has taken time to think about the time line in which it was released, they would find that it was prior to its premier, and therefore anyone watching the trailer would not be able to judge whether or not the entirety of the film was biased or not. It is simply a comment on how grotesque the advertising for this film really was. Gibsons anti-semitic remarks didn’t help matters much in the context of 2003. The thing that sets is apart is the fact that it began a trend in remix videos on the web.

  9. WTForrhoid Says:

    “Is that supposed to be entertainment?”

    No, it’s supposed to be propaganda.

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